Productivity Tips You Learned in Kindergarten

Posted by Paula Rizzo on October 19, 2014 in Children, Happiness, Home, Increase Productivity, People, Reduce Stress, School, Tool for Success

kidsYou don’t really realize it when your a kid, but kindergarten was probably the most important year in your school career in terms of development. We learned so much, and not just how to read and write, but believe it or not we also learned plenty of productivity skills!

Here’s a look back at some stuff you learned in kindergarten that you can still use today:  … continue reading.

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Post-It Notes Go Digital

Posted by Paula Rizzo on October 16, 2014 in Apps, Fab Find, Increase Productivity, List Making, Technology

post-it-plus-app-ipadWe may have smartphones, Kindles and tablets, but the simple Post-It note remains one of the greatest productivity tools and a must have for list makers everywhere. I use Post-It notes all the time, and there are days when my desk is basically covered in them. So you can imagine how excited I am that there is an app for your sticky notes called Post-It Plus!    … continue reading.

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Lists Are This Fashion Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

Posted by Paula Rizzo on October 14, 2014 in Fashion, Fellow List Producers, People, Reduce Stress, Saving Time, Shopping

Katrina 1Putting together a work wardrobe is a daunting task. You can spend hours looking for a look that’s smart, but not too much – that’s flattering, but not too flashy. Stitch Fix is a website that helps you outsource your shopping, finding looks that work for you without having to navigate the mall.  The CEO of Stitch Fix, Katrina, understands the importance of outsourcing tasks and is also a list maker like me! The successful enterpreneur shared how her lists help her to be less crazed and get things done. … continue reading.

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Why You Need an Emergency Packing List

Posted by Paula Rizzo on October 12, 2014 in Benefits of List Making, Health, List Making, People, Reduce Stress

packingA few days ago my parents called me in the middle of the day at work and told me that my mom had to be taken to the hospital. She got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, blacked out and fell and hit her head badly. Eeek! I talked to her and she was fine but being admitted for all kinds of tests. So I wanted to be there with her. I left work and went home to pack an overnight bag and froze.

I couldn’t think of anything that I needed – and I should’ve known that I needed all the essentials.  You know — pajamas, an outfit for the next day, toiletries, etc. But I couldn’t think of anything. When something like this happens your mind is thinking a hundred different things. It catches you off guard and your not able to think as rationally. … continue reading.

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