List of Ways to Make Working At Home Easier

Summer is the perfect excuse to work from home.  But working from home can be both a blessing and curse.  There are distractions around every corner — kids, food, your bed, etc.  I don’t work from home that often but when I do it can sometimes be daunting to keep my head in the game.

I often try to keep the same time table I would if I were working in an office.  Taking breaks for lunch and walks to keep myself going.  I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be if you also throw kids into the work from home mix., which helps parents find babysitters, nannies and child care, recently asked me to give some tips on ways to be more productive and stay focused.  Here’s my list of ways to prioritize and get more done at home.

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Paula Rizzo is an Emmy award winning television producer and founder of the productivity site She's excited about her upcoming book - "Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed."

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  • Anthony says:

    Just what we all need as we work from home and there are plenty of distractions from getting your work done. There are of course pros and cons everywhere, but you need to strike the right work-home balance and things do get smooth thereafter. Trying to keep your kids away from disturbing you is another problem, though each one of us does find ways to get our way around. And yes, frequent breaks are always needed to keep yourself fit and moving around, and keep a check on things at home as well. Also, if you want to keep track of your productive hours you can try using a project management tool (like Time Doctor), it’s a good software for time tracking.

  • Sheila says:

    Great tips to stay focused and organized while working at home.

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